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Save 75% on the agency bundle while stock lasts

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Email vs Messenger

Email has long been thought of as the King of ROI, and with good reason. With over 2 billion active users, its one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of reaching and hooking in a broad audience; and is, undoubtedly, part of your current strategy. However, email has finally received some strong competition in the form of Facebook Messenger Bots.

Messenger Users

As you’re surely aware, facebook is the largest social media network. There are 900 million facebook users and, more importantly, 1.2 billion facebook messenger users. While this is not as high as email yet, its growth over the last few years puts email to shame with everything pointing to messenger eventually overtaking. Following this, messenger is outperforming all other digital channels when it comes to engagement. On average 90% of messages on facebook messenger are read, with a 40% conversion rate.

Facebook messenger’s embedded apps enable you to send money and audio messages, giving businesses the ability to tailor messenger to perform as they want and need. The positives to messenger keep adding up; it’s more secure, easier to manage than numerous email threads, quick, personal and easier for your customers to navigate.

All of this means it is only natural to use facebook messenger for business. It is no surprise that messenger is taking over email and is becoming the go-to method of conversing with businesses.

Lets face it, email has become a cluttered channel, hence why businesses have moved to social media. The natural step for your business is Facebook messenger bots.