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Save 75% on the agency bundle while stock lasts
Business Messenger

Business Messenger

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Are you struggling to broasdcast a message?

Using either the Business Socialiser Or Socialiser Tool.

Aquire the correct UID's for the targeted audience.

Using the phrases create the variable message you want to send to your audience.

Choose the amount of time you want to have in between your messages.

Load your chosen UID's in the extensions, and let your message be sent to everyone from your personal account.

Messages will be variable and also drip fed to create an organic personalisation

Use Cases

⬆Must watch⬆

⬆ Must watch ⬆

As an agency owner you will always be looking for the best way to reach new clients or existing ones.

Target new business pages with the help of the business socialiser. Create High open rates by messaging a Facebook page with your personal account

Target current clients with the Messenger Contacts. Upsell clients or let them know about your new service.

Keep a list of your best followers with Messenger contacts or Business messenger.

Re-engage with this list of followers with private messages.

Be personal and organic with variable messages.

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A word from Rupert

What can I say about me?

I could tell you loads of things about me; from my first seven figure business. to being known as an 'expert in bot building and marketing'. But really, all you care about is how I can help you and your business. 

My background is retail, I've owned just over 20 stores here in the UK. My family business now supplies over 500 stores with wholesale fashion goods.

I make tools, software and chatbots for all the retailers I know. The goal is to save you time and make your online, and physical store presence known. If any of my products can help you achieve your goals - then thats just benefits the both of us.