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Save 75% on the agency bundle while stock lasts
Socialiser Messenger Bundle

Socialiser Messenger Bundle

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What you get in this bundle

You are buying 3 of my best extensions the socialiser, messenger tool and request manager.

Socialiser will find your audience and and automate adding them to be your friend.

Messenger tool will allow you to drip send a messages to new friends. Like a welcome message.

Request manager will clean your account out of out going request.

Are you struggling to find the new clients and connect to them.

Target a group, event, or friends list to find your target audience.

Randomise the time between your requests.

Save the list of potential friends & clients for later.

Never miss the connection that could make the difference.

Send out bulk messages about a new offering to all your friends & clients.

Randomise the timing of each message and only send variable messages.

Keep your account clean by undoing your requests.

Don't let your account get out of hand.

Use Cases

⬆Must watch⬆

⬆ Must watch ⬆

Target group members of a certain niche of business to offer value via your posts.

Target event goers that you will want to connect with if you are visiting the same conference.

Welcome potential new clients becoming your friend without having to sit at your computer.

Send out a new offer to all your potential clients.

Save hours of time prospecting.

Target group members to offer value via your posts to let them know about your offer.

Target an event you will be going to, new friends will see that you are going and connect with you.

Target a profiles friends to connect to their audience.

Welcome a new friend with an offer and a group link.

Send out the fact you will being live like a broadcast.

Save hours of time so you can get on with harder tasks.

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A word from Rupert

What can I say about me?

I could tell you loads of things about me; from my first seven figure business. to being known as an 'expert in bot building and marketing'. But really, all you care about is how I can help you and your business. 

My background is retail, I've owned just over 20 stores here in the UK. My family business now supplies over 500 stores with wholesale fashion goods.

I make tools, software and chatbots for all the retailers I know. The goal is to save you time and make your online, and physical store presence known. If any of my products can help you achieve your goals - then thats just benefits the both of us.